I’ve been called an artist and a writer. I don’t know if I can claim these as proper adjectives to describe me. I have always wondered “what makes an artist an artist?”. Aren’t we all an artist inside?

But, there is definitely something magical about creativity. I don’t know why I am thinking of it today, other than every once in a while I am struck with this urge to write something or to make something. I am inspired by something or someone and suddenly I HAVE to get this feeling out of me; to translate it into something tangible.

It’s such a beautiful thing to me; that feeling that can’t quite ever be made tangible or explained in words. I feel it in my gut…somewhere in the pit of my stomach and it’s strong. It starts in my stomach and moves up into my heart and it’s a powerful resonance. I try desperately to get this feeling out into a poem, a story, a drawing, painting….something. I think it connects me to my soul. In fact, I think maybe creativity is what connects us to our spirituality as humans.

What do you think? What is creativity?


2 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. We are all artists within ourselves. We all have different method of expressing it. Creativity is indeed a true extension of self…I agree with first comment

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