Cruel and Unusual World

I need to get some things off my chest regarding the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. You can skip past this if you’ve already made up your mind about the situation, but I’m hoping you may take a moment to see things from my perspective.

This morning I woke up to people bashing other people on Facebook. What’s interesting is that the topics of conversation are nothing about gay rights or the fact that 50 plus people died this past weekend. Or that dozens more are still recovering in hospitals and families all over the country were affected by this one act. No, none of these things seems to be at the forefront of people’s minds, but rather people are using this as a platform to preach about their ideologies. People are lashing out against republicans, democrats, Christians, Muslims, different races and of course gun laws. How did we lose sight of the real problem?

I do not belong to any subculture that could ever entice me to bash people who are different than me. I have never in my short time on this planet understood how pointing out people’s differences and stereotyping them has ever done anything good.  There is nothing… and I repeat, nothing good that comes from trying to tear other people down. I am saddened by people who twist these types of events into an opportunity to step onto their soap box and attempt to sway others into seeing things the way they do. As I write this I am aware of the irony, as I am desperately trying to sway others to have more compassion, acceptance and love for fellow human beings. However, I am not telling anyone they are wrong for feeling the way that they feel.

Humans by nature need to rationalize things. We especially have a need to rationalize traumatic events such as this; one of the most common and basic ways that humans do this is by finding someone to blame. They want to find answers and justify what happened. I have a newsflash humans: there are no answers. Some people are just sick in their heads. Some people are operating on a lower frequency and can’t rise above differences. Some people are just flat out bat shit crazy. Please don’t discriminate against entire groups of people for one person’s actions. Hold that one person accountable and leave it at that.

Thank you for reading my rant. I wish everyone out there a safe day and send lots of love to each of you. Make good choices. 🙂


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